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Free Verse: OC's A Cappella Group
Did you know Oakland Catholic has their very own A Cappella group?

Free Verse is a student-run A Cappella group made up of Oakland Catholic and Central Catholic students that was started last year by Central Catholic graduate, Tucker Helms (now a freshmen at CMU). In their first year, the group took second place at both the Quarterfinals and Semifinals of the ICHSA Competition. After their competitive season ended, they performed at Central's spring concert and Oakland's spring arts and music festival. This year has been a rebuilding year for the group. The majority of Free Verse's members last year were seniors, so auditions were hosted in May of last school year to bring in a lot of new people. In A Cappella it is very important to find a group of talented people who have a passion for music and performing and the group has that!

Free Verse has been through a lot this year, lots of highs and lows. After struggling to find time and space to rehearse and not moving on from Quarterfinals, the group took a break for about a month. Despite the hardships of this year's competitive season, the group still considers this year very successful because they have worked extremely hard, run marathon rehearsals where we practiced for hours on end, and pushed through the tough times as a family, not just an A Cappella group. Many people do not realize how exhausting these types of rehearsals can be and I am so unbelievably proud of the rest of the group and our director Robert Pratski.

-Written by Grace Kepperling, OCHS '20 and Free Verse founding member


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