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Helping the Formerly Incarcerated

Four current OC students; Olivia Smathers, OCHS'21, Hannah Hoffman, OCHS'21, Angela McKinzie, OCHS'21 and Julia Mollen, OCHS'21 spent the summer virtually working with alumna and 2020 OC Commencement Speaker, Kelley Cooper Miller, OCHS'91. They completed an internship with The Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth in Washington D.C.

Read about their experiences:

"The Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth aims to help reintegrate the formerly incarcerated back into society, but having a record makes finding employment difficult. Many state and local governments have created Fair Chance Hiring laws that protect these individuals, and my partner Julia Mollen and I spent the summer compiling across all 50 states into a database for the Campaign to reference in helping their clients know their rights as job-seekers, as well as gathering statistics and case studies that prove the laws are beneficial to use in advocating for wider implementation of FCH policies." - Olivia Smathers, OCHS'21

"We were tasked with completing a social media audit where we monitored and surveyed each account of the Campaign's, including tasks such as transcribing complete lists of their followers and following and also recording the amount of engagement with their content. With this data, we compiled summary statistics, such as the percent of their following basis they were engaging with, and then researched other organizations on social media that align with the Campaign's goals to help expand their social media presence." - Hannah Hoffman, OCHS'21

"To reach those youth who are currently or previously incarcerated, the Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth [CFSY] utilizes several social media platforms and advocates for freedom and justice in the court system for each case. Over the course of the summer, my partner Hannah Hoffmann and I did a social media audit on their Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts to see the effectiveness of their reach, and we made suggestions on how to go forward with their posts in the future." - Angela McKinzie, OCHS'21

"This summer my partner, Olivia Smathers, and I researched Fair Chance Hiring Laws throughout the United States to create a fact sheet for people looking to re-enter the workforce after they were incarcerated. We also compiled a list of positives that come with Fair Chance Hiring in an effort to show employers the benefits of hiring formerly-incarcerated people." - Julia Mollen, OCHS'21




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