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Environmental Club Trip

Amanda Skoner, Science Teacher & Environmental Club Moderator

On Wednesday, April 18, 11 students from the Environmental Club walked to Phipps Conservatory for a private tour of Phipps' Center for Sustainable Landscapes (CSL). A friendly and knowledgeable volunteer guided us through the conservatory and educated us on the various sustainable systems at Phipps, from the satellites to distill water for the plants to the geothermal heating system to maintain the temperature at Phipps year-round. Then, we toured through the newer CSL building, which we learned is largely for educational purposes and research. After the tour, we had a great discussion with Phipps' educational researchers to share our interests on the environment and sustainability.

We talked about potential research projects that we could conduct through Phipps, including solar panel efficiency and air-cleaning plants for our school. The girls had a great time collaborating with one another and we look forward to interacting more with Phipps next year and hopefully incorporating what we've learned into OCHS. We also really enjoyed seeing the spring flowers in full bloom! Mr. Graner chaperoned the field trip too.


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