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Designing the Shamrockin' Phone Speaker

Seniors Caroline Chung, Sophia Salvi, and Brianna McDonagh, put their artistic and engineering skills to the test and developed the Shamrockin' Phone Speaker! The speaker consists of a ceramic bowl that the students created which amplifies the sound coming from the speaker of a cell phone. You can watch an infomercial for the speaker below.

The project came about as a result of 6 Oakland Catholic faculty members participating in a year long class called Research Experience for Teachers Program (RET) at the Human Engineering Research Laboratories at the University of Pittsburgh. The main purpose of the RET program is to expose highly motivated teachers to the context of Human Engineering and to technologies that have direct applicability in the classroom.

After taking this course, art faculty member Megan Koroly and academic support faculty member Nevanka DePasquale developed their own curriculum around the Pottery class offered at Oakland Catholic. This past fall, they had to implemented the aspects of human engineering while designing a non electronic speaker with selected faculty as clients. The poster and video describes the steps taken in the process. The students really enjoyed incorporating STEM into art class!


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