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On Saturday, February 4th, 11 OC students competed for the Regional 7 PJAS competition. The students in attendance all did a wonderful job and brought home several awards, including four first place winners who will all move on to the State competition at Penn State University in May!

Congratulations to all!

First Place Winners:

Carolyn Guzikowski

Cora Marchand

Sarah Pritchard

Chloe Stiles

Second Place Winners:

Cecelia Cecconi

Sofia Loernzini

Caroline McShea

Cassie Moats

Mallory Sherman

Matheson Vogel

Third Place Winner:

Sofia Heller

Additional Awards and Acknowledgments:

Cecilia Cecconi -- Mentored by a Duquesne University affiliated mentor as she took advantage of the outreach experience that was offered by Duquesne. She went to a lab training workshop during a CCW. There was mixed results from this experience. She earned a second place, which does not let her move on.

Carolyn Guzikowski -- From Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry - Dr. Kurt C. Schreiber Award for Outstanding Achievement in Chemistry and Biochemistry

Carolyn Guzikowski -- From the Pittsburgh Section American Chemical Society -The Dr. James Manner Award for Excellence in Chemistry and Biochemistry

Caroline McShea -- Meghan Roe Microbiology Perseverance Award

Chloe Stiles -- 4 year Perseverance Award