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Chinese Calligraphy and Paper Cutting Workshops at OC

In the hope of creating important new learning opportunities for their fellow classmates, OC students Emily Gong and Kavya Weaver approached an OC staff member this fall with the request to create an Asian Cultural Club that would promote the history, traditions and cultures of mostly East Asian Countries. Following the club's inception, they ran a few successful CCW sessions before reaching out to the Asian Studies Center in the University Center for International Studies at the University of Pittsburgh and connecting with Lynn Kawaratawi and Dr. Haixia Wang. Together, they coordinated a global learning experience for members of OC's Asian Culture Club and GCI Scholars.

This past Wednesday, Ms. Kawaratani and Dr. Wang conducted two packed CCW sessions for students in the DiNardo Lecture Hall. The first was a demonstration on Chinese paper cutting and the second workshop was on Chinese brush calligraphy. They were accompanied by Jiawei XU who assisted with supplies and the workshop. Students not only learned about the origins and history of the two art forms, but were able to practice both skills.

Thank you to both the students and guest teachers who made this experience possible!