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Campus Ministry Wrap Up

Over the past year, Campus Minister Caroline Sczweck has been taking OC students to do service at Schenley Gardens Senior Living twice a month. While there, the students spend time with the residents and each visit a different activity is planned in partnership with the program coordinators (Susanna and Rosemarie). Caroline has engaged several students, clubs and other teachers into this service.

Projects have ranged from Sing Along Carols with the Choir (lead by music teacher Mrs. Sonya Caceres) to crafts and step by step painting with the Art Club (lead by art teacher Mrs. Megan Koroly). Other activities have included: a visit from the OC Irish Dance Team, gardening, trivia and music games. Our students and school have developed a strong relationship with the residents at Schenley Gardens throughout the course of the year. Even Fr. Mark Thomas has joined to see the great things our students are doing!