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Betsy Schmeler, '21, Accepted into Summer Program

Congratulations to Betsy Schmeler, '21, on her acceptance into the Pop Music as Art and Business summer program through the School of the New York Times. The program focuses on the ideas of investigating the cultural, historical, and financial sides of the music industry.

Betsy is very excited to attend this program as she loves all things music, pop culture, and media. When asked about the program, Betsy said, "I feel like this program was made specifically for me! It is so cool that this program exists, and especially at the New York Times!"

In the past this program has had many interesting guest instructors with several activities that allow participants to explore New York City. Betsy will also have the opportunity to spend time at the New York TIme's facility and explore their museum called the Morgue.

Betsy says, "I am extremely excited to attend this program because I want to be able to understand how to take my passions for music and culture and somehow make a career out of them."

More information about the Pop Music as Art and Business summer program can be found here.