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Annual GCI Global Showcase: April 6th, 2017

Oakland Catholic High School is unique to this region by virtue of its all girls' academic environment, urban location, and value-centered focus. One of the school's more recent endeavors tackles the concept of what it means to be globally competent in a world that is more and more interconnected.

Aligned with Oakland Catholic's mission to educate young women to become competent and ethical global leaders, the Global Competence Initiative (GCI) – an intensive 4-year certificate program available to the entire student body – serves to further establish the school's reputation as a leader in education. On April 6, the first Annual GCI Global Showcase will highlight the research projects of the first cohort of graduating GCI Scholars.

Although many colleges are now focused on the concept of global competence, Oakland Catholic is one of the few high schools in this region that has a comprehensive, and clearly articulated certificate program like the Global Competence Initiative.

Students in the program renew their commitment to fulfilling the certificate's criteria each year, and in the course of four years must complete specific history, language, science and literature courses. In addition, 12 "encounters" and 3 "engagements" are required. Encounters can be lectures, seminars, films, and cultural events. Engagements require a deeper participation by the student and may involve international travel, summer programs offered by the Global Studies Center at the University of Pittsburgh or the World Affairs Council, participation in a program-designed book club, or any number of activities that require the student to drill down deeper with regard to global competence.

There are 109 students across all four years currently involved in GCI. At this year's commencement exercises, the first cohort of 31 seniors will graduate with a GCI certificate. After several years of studying cultures, developing language skills, and interacting with the global community through lectures, events, and world travel, the Senior GCI Scholars will present their research projects to the public following a keynote address from the Associate Director of the University of Pittsburgh's Global Studies Center. Several partners who helped to shape the program, including representatives from the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, the National Consortium for Teachers about Asia, and the World Affairs Council, as well as former Oakland Catholic faculty members will be recognized at the event.

Please join us in the Joan of Arc Building Auditorium on April 6, from 6:30 pm - 8:30 PM for the first Annual GCI Global Showcase.