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Alyse Fay, '21 Completes 80 Hours of Volunteer Work

OC Junior Alyse Fay, '21 completed her second-year of volunteering for the VA Hospital - University Drive this summer. Alyse spent her volunteer days in the Speech & Audiology Department meeting veterans and helping staff with a variety of tasks. Recently, she was able to be in the room to learn and watch a procedure with medical professionals and a University of Pittsburgh medical student in which they replaced a tube for a patient that had a Laryngectomy due to throat cancer.

Alyse's experiences in volunteering at the VA Hospital have provided her exposure that she can speak about in her many classes at Oakland Catholic, from empathy and compassion in Religion classes to medical terminology in Anatomy and Physiology classes. This summer, Alyse completed another 80-hours in the VA Hospital's Summer Youth Program.