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Alonie Ashley FINCA Internship

Rising junior Alonie Ashley, OCHS'24 accepted a summer internship at FINCA in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC.) FINCA helps small business owners and entrepreneurs obtain loans and other financial services. FINCA is also associated with 40 other nations spread over five continents.

During her internship, Alonie worked in the Marketing Division and gained knowledge of the strategies employed in both remote rural communities and developing urban areas. It is crucial to market products to both the emerging metropolis and the rural ancestral regions that make up the DRC in order to obtain a wider perspective. Rural populations favor local radio stations and in-person encounters above television, social media, well-known radio stations, and SMS, in contrast to metropolitan areas. FINCA is becoming more digital in the DRC due to COVID, transportation, and other factors.

Alonie had the opportunity to observe the working conditions and arduous labour of many African employees throughout her summer at FINCA. 

Alonie says, "it was a terrific lesson overall to observe the industrious people's daily routines since it offers you a glimpse of other worlds outside your own. I'm grateful beyond measure that I had this chance.FINCA DRC is dedicated to the community's economy and people, and the board members I've personally spoken to can vouch for this."

The group, personnel, and workers can all affirm that FINCA is an organization devoted to the welfare of the nation.


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