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03/16-18: OC Theater Group Production

Please join us for the OC Theater Group spring play, Barbecuing Hamlet! Performances run March 16-18 at 7pm in the JOA Theater. 

Margot Daley has just accepted a new job: directing a production of Hamlet for the Peaceful Glen Memorial Players. When she arrives in town, she encounters unforeseen obstacles: a meddling town council, scripted advertisements, pre-show barbecue sales, and an Old West theme. Will Margot figure out how to cast 30 roles with only 6 actors? Will the pizza boy remember all of his lines? Has anyone seen Yorick's skull? Join us to find out!

Tickets are sold at the door: free for OC/CC students, faculty, and staff; $5 for children 13 and under; $10 for adults. Hope to see you there!