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Slovo Theater Group

OC Alumna, Audrey Hickton Dégez, OCHS'06 has been in the thick of producing, co-directing, and acting with Slovo Theater Group, a unique artistic residency for Ukrainian artists from Kharkiv. The group aims to fight back against oppression of Ukrainian culture by promoting the culture here in the USA. Audrey's cast and crew will present their work "MotherMotherLand" on the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center! They return to Pittsburgh for two performances at Point Park Playhouse's Highmark Theatre, Thursday, December 15 and Friday, December 16! There will be a discussion with Audrey and other members of the Slovo Theater Group after the show. 

More about the show:

"It is about motherhood, motherland, and based on a short story by a Ukrainian writer who died in 1933 as a result of Soviet oppression who wrote about a collapsing commune and the head of the secret police who must decide whether or not to execute his own mother. It is historically interesting, thoughtfully provocative and full of beautiful images."