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Careers at OC


Steve Graner, Physics Teacher

“I love working at OC because it gives me the opportunity to share and teach my favorite subject to an amazing student body. I have always said that I will retire and move on from teaching when I stop having fun in the classroom...10 years later, it's still fun!”

Dr. Theresa Doerfler, English Teacher

“I love working at Oakland Catholic because I believe in the power of young women to change the world for good. Our students come from many different places and perspectives, and in the time that they spend here together, they can learn how to collaborate and communicate effectively with one another - and then take those skills into a world that needs them.”

Heather Day, Latin Teacher

"The best thing about OC is the people! We have such an incredibly knowledgeable, creative and supportive faculty who go above and beyond for our OC community, and students that fill the classrooms with enthusiasm, curiosity and kindness."

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