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Oakland Catholic High School
144 North Craig Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Phone: 412.682.6633

Fax: 412.682.2496

School Office

Mrs. Deborah Ceponis, CHS '70
Administrative Assistant
412.682.6633 x221

Mrs. Mary Alice Devinney, CHS '74
Attendance & Transportation Secretary
412.682.6633 x224

Ms. Lauren Rockey, OCHS '06
Administrative Marketing Assistant
412.682.6633 x222

Admissions Office

Mrs. Theresa Hill
Director of Admissions & Finanical Aid
412.682.6633 x253

Ms. Courtney Ceponis, OCHS '03
Admissions Officer
412.682.6633 x267


Mrs. Mary Pat Bielich
Athletic Director
412.682.6633 x243

Business Office

Mrs. Joyce Wilson-Windsor
Finance Director
412.682.6633 x262

Mrs. Margie Moran
412.682.6633 x227

Advancement Office

Mrs. Karen Ferrari, SHHS '77
Advancement & Volunteer Support Coordinator
412.682.6633 x233

Mrs. Colleen Totten, SHHS '81
412.682.6633 x201

Mrs. Patricia Monroe
412.682.6633 x201

School Counseling Office

Mrs. Christine Dadig
Coordinator of Counseling Services
412.682.6633 x235