We are the only option in Western Pennsylvania for an all girls' Catholic education.

Oakland Catholic High School was founded on a long-standing tradition of educating young women in the foundations of Spirituality, Scholarship, and Service to serve the world as intelligent, ethical, and competent agents of change. Since 1989, we have remained true to that mission.

Academically Diverse

A broad array of opportunities in the Humanities, Sciences, and Arts allows students of diverse backgrounds to share their perspectives and achieve success across all disciplines.

Spiritually Centered

Grounded in our faith tradition, we believe that spiritual development is crucial to the wellbeing and thoughtfulness of leaders, so it permeates all aspects of the OC educational experience.

Leadership Focused

The all-girls environment facilitates a strong, supportive space for the development of leadership skills in the classroom, on the field, in the community, and in the world.

Globally Aware

By pointedly integrating current affairs, technology, and worldviews into our curriculum, programs, mission trips, and strategic plan, we share our vision of a world that calls our students to action.

The thing I like most about Oakland Catholic is how we acknowledge Christ every day. Oakland is a unified community of strong, focused, and driven women who make each other better by respectfully challenging each other, preparing us for the future.
Kennedi Wade, OCHS '19
I chose Oakland Catholic because of the various opportunities offered. Through academics, athletics, travel opportunities, and mission trips, Oakland Catholic has forever changed who I am, who I want to be, and how I want to impact the world. Caroline Richard, OCHS '19

The Oakland Catholic Difference