Mission Trips

Kingston, Jamaica

Students serve inner city catholic schools by assisting with their elementary school reading program along with the Missionaries of the Poor, as well as support the reading program and other projects at two Kingston orphanages.

Washington, D.C.

Oakland Catholic High School students help out at six inner city Catholic schools in Washington, D.C. by offering children support with their Reading and Math programs during their stay.

New York City

Oakland Catholic High School students spend time with the homeless and poor children by assisting at the soup kitchens located in Port Chester, NY.


During the week-long trip, students from Oakland Catholic High School and Central Catholic High School work side-by-side to help rebuild homes, paint, and make general repairs to houses in rural West Virginia.

PatzĂșn, Guatemala

Oakland Catholic High School students lend their talents by teaching English as a second language to elementary school students in PatzĂșn for a week over the summer months.