Summer Assignments

Social Studies

All Social Studies (PDF)


Please find the appropriate summer reading assignment for the English course you will be taking in 2016-17. You are responsible for this summer work. Please note that some courses require you to purchase specific editions or translations of certain texts (e.g. Folger editions of Shakespeare plays). If a teacher requests a print edition, you may not substitute an iBook.

Note: If you do not see a summer assignment for the course you are taking, please check back in a few days.

AP Language and Composition (PDF)
AP Literature and Composition (PDF)
CP American Literature Grade 11 (PDF)
CP English Grade 9 (PDF)
CP English Grade 12 (PDF)
Honors 9th Grade English (PDF)
Honors American Literature Grade 11 (PDF)
Honors Research Methodology (PDF)
Honors World Literature 10 (PDF)
World Literature 10 CP (PDF)